History - Cabresto Tequila
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Our History

Cabresto Tequila represents the new standard in ultra premium sipping tequila.

Agave Plant Ranch
Agave Ranch
Silverio Lopez had always longed to have his own tequila brand.  He wanted to master the art of growing the world’s finest agave, to follow in the footsteps of his father, grandfather, and the generations before them. In 2006 he made that dream a reality and produced the first batch of the award-winning spirit, Tequila Cabresto.
On the Ranch
Born into a long lineage of agave growers in Arandas, Mexico, Silverio was fascinated by agave from a very young age. As he matured, he dreamed of crafting a premium tequila, one that did not rely on gimmicks such as overly ornate bottles, marketing stunts, or riding the waves of a trend. In the fields of Los Altos, none of those things matter. What matters is the quality and the passion that pours forth with every drop of pure sipping tequila. Silverio wanted a premium tequila that would become a legacy product worthy of his family’s history and the people of Jalisco.
Sunset over Agave Ranch
Landscape of Agave Ranch
Bull on the ranch
Los Altos (The Highlands) in Jalisco is home to the best soils and weather needed to grow blue agave. Starting with a land enriched with iron and volcanic ash embedded naturally over centuries to the hot days with the sun blazing overhead to the cool nights with a soft breeze kissing every leaf; all combine to create a more flavorful and robust agave plant than its lowland counterpart.
Sunset on the Ranch
On this land Silverio has never been afraid to get his hands dirty. He can be found working the fields on the Rancho Cabresto. His cowboy hat and blue jean wearing figure is unmistakable as he tends to his crops. At the end of the day, Silverio takes pride in reflection as he overlooks the fields stretching out for kilometers in every direction before fading into the mountain tops behind them.
Agave Ranch Tequila Cabresto

“My grandfather, my father and my uncles all sold the agave,” Silverio says. “My earliest memories are of running around an agave field, the leaves towering over me.”

Rancho Cabresto
He likes to joke that tequila runs through his veins. He views tequila as his birthright, bestowed upon him through the blood and sweat of his ancestors. His wish now is to pass that birthright on to his children. 
With the business and work ethic of Silverio passed on to them, they are ready to take his dream out of the fields of Arandas and into the world; into the hands of tequila drinkers who thirst for more than a fancy bottle and empty promises.